PGT Custom Windows and Doors

Safeguard your business with PGT Custom Windows and Doors supplied by Builders Needs Limited. These windows boast the elegance and style fit for hotels and luxurious spas, while providing strong resistance to projectiles and debris - a feature perfect for making an infrastructure hurricane-proof.


PGT Windows and Doors are built to withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris, to ensure that even after impact, the glass remains in the frame. The WinGuard Line however, does so much more than negate the effects of wind/rain. It provides year-round added security against thieves and intruders, dramatically muffles outdoor noises, filters out 99% of the UV light that enters your building (responsible for paint fading) and the laminated insulating glass significantly reduces cooling and heating costs. PGT offers continuous, overall protection – without having to think twice.

Offering impact-resistant products since 1996, PGT has become a leading authority on hurricane protection. PGT WinGuard® is the most popular impact-resistant window with over two million units installed. Each WinGuard window and door is custom-made in our manufacturing facility and glass plant, then delivered by our fleet of trucks. PGT’s dedication to customer satisfaction is proven in our on-time delivery record, quality product line and unparalleled customer service.

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