Fiber Cement Board

Toptec fiber cement is made using the highest quality technology and main components cement, silica and natural fibers. The combined materials are exposed to an autoclave curing process (under high pressure and temperature), which allows it to develop several unique properties including its great dimensional stability and bending strength.




Some features of the fiber cement board include dimension stability, resistance to insect and rodent attacks, allows for a great variety of finishes, fire resistant and the availability of different thicknesses.

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Resistance: Good performance under heavy weight, impact resistant.

Dimensional Stability: Low dimensional changes under humidity and temperature fluctuations, which provides great performance during weather changes once installed.

Durability: It's structure remains constant through time. Resistance to mold, insects and rodents.

Resistance to humidity: It does not rot or rust.

Fire resistance: It's components delay fire dispersion and do nor produce smoke, allowing effective evacuation if necessary.

Lightness: Low weight per square meter, which contributes to reduction of sedimentation cost.

Homogeneous thickness.

Allows building of systems that require thermal and acoustic insulation.

Standard measures that reduce waste.


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